Our Man Sistani?


It is surely good news that Grand Ayatollah Sistani, the top Shia authority in Iraq, is down with U.S. efforts in Najaf and elsewhere. But like everything else in play in the country, the truly important stuff starts once Saddam is gone.

Such as, how will Sistani react if the U.S. starts bringing in Iraqi Sunni exiles to run the new government? Would Sistani even accept another secular state? He has wisely made himself valuable to the U.S. now. That doesn't mean Sistani's interests will always dovetail with Washington's.

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  1. I don’t understand why it’s inevitable that the U.S. will bring in Sunnis to run the new government. That certainly seems to be the direction, but considering that bin Ladenism is a Sunni phenomenon, that the Iranian revolution has run out of steam, and that the Shi’a are only 10 percent of the total Muslim population, what would be the threat in allowing Iraq to become what it already should be demographically, a Shi’a country? It seems like having two big Shi’a countries right in the middle of the Muslim world would even be an effective counterweight to the growth of Sunni radicalism. Then again, I don’t know Shi’ite about this stuff.

  2. Forgive my ignorance: Is Wahabee Islam an offshoot of Sunni?

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  4. But like everything else in play in the country, the truly costly stuff starts after your daughter and grandson will have to pick up the tab — racked up by licentious printing of money, IOU’s, etc. to pay for first destroying, then fixing Iraq.

    Can you spell trillions?

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