Turn Down the Volume


The Federal Communications Commission has fined the Detroit station WKRK-FM $27,500, nearly four times the usual penalty, for broadcasting "indecent" material. Democratic Commissioner Michael Copps—who at other times will say he wants more voices on the air, not less—thinks even that isn't enough: he'd rather revoke the station's license altogether.

What did the station do to attract such a response? Radio and Records reports: "The afternoon duo of Deminski & Doyle are in hot water after apparently talking to callers between 4:30-5pm in January 2002 about various sexual practices, including the 'Frothy Walrus,' which a caller described as what happens when a man ejaculates in a woman's mouth then punches her in the stomach so his semen will come out of her nose; the 'Rusty Trombone,' a term another caller used to describe when a woman has anal intercourse with a man and immediately afterward performs oral sex on the man; and the 'Tony Danza,' which a caller said was 'when you grab her by the hair, throw her down on the bed, smack her around a little bit, and tell her who's the boss'…"