The Politics of Population


Here's an interesting interview with Betsy Hartmann, the feminist thinker who, in her own words, "has been fighting for over 20 years against population-control programmes, but from a feminist, pro-choice perspective." For more on Hartmann, see Ron Bailey's "The Greening of Hate."

Link via Utne.

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  1. I think there’s a lot of misguided foolishness on the part of those who think it’s vital to limit population growth and immigration, but I think it’s just as rash to equate all their arguments and concerns with bigotry based on the scant evidence offered here. Beyond some initial impression she got, Hartmann’s only evidence to back up her charge is that she’s found some people she says are racists working in anti-immigration groups. If her claims about these people are true (and I don’t know if they are), the groups in questions should be called on it, sure, but would that be enough to tar the entire movement? I think that’s a stretch. And while I often learn a lot from Mr. Bailey’s writings, his seconding of Hartmann’s charges amounts to little more than a smear campaign.

    Let’s address the arguments of those with whom we disagree at their best rather than resorting to such ad hominen and guilt by association tactics.

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