Downed Pilot Night on Larry King


In the midst of a chat up on American POWs held by Iraq, Scott O'Grady—the F-16 pilot who was shot down over Bosnia and was a great American hero for about a week back in 1995—punctured the solemn warnings about violating the Geneva Convention offered by fellow guest Sen. John McCain—the aviator who was shot down over Vietnam and was a candidate for president for about a week back in 2000—by noting that nobody much abides by the treaty.

"I think historically, though, we have to also recognize that there are very few countries that hold to the Geneva Convention outside of the United States of America and maybe Great Britain," O'Grady said. End of topic.

While we're at it, can we find some sort of treaty that networks violate by dragging family members before cameras? Maybe a special gulag for producers who book these cruel, twisted episodes. Did they used to hang out in hospital waiting rooms to ask relatives of patients in surgery how they felt? Insane.