Advertising Freedom


The Institute for Humane Studies is offering $6,000 to "the creators of the best ads for freedom, as determined by visitors to this site." The deadline for entries has passed, but Hit & Run readers might still be interested in stopping by to vote, or at least to check out some of the submissions—one of which was made by a former Reason intern.

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  1. commodify your angst, strength through unity! STRENGTH THROUGH PRIDE 😀

  2. Jesus Christ! That was funny. It was a bit shocking to see that intern lurking just a few blocks from my condo at the new Mr. Natural. I was at Chris’ Liquor getting some Beefeater Gin of course. I gave it five points.

  3. Did anyone else look at the other ads on the site? The two highest-rated ads mention freedom, but only perfunctorily, so they can obtain a platform to push their real cause: anti-consumerism. There are other leftist ads in varying degrees of disguise, but even the libertarian ads are depressing. Most of them are not pro-freedom, but angrily anti-anti-freedom. The ex-intern’s ad is one example of this.

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