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With the action in Iraq happening fast and furious, Yahoo's full coverage page on the war is worth checking every couple of minutes.

The latest (posted just five minutes ago)? Oil wells may have been set on fire.

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  1. From “Anti-War Protests Swell After Iraq Attack”: “Thousands in roving bands temporarily took control of some downtown streets and closed several exits from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Smaller splinter groups broke windows, heaved debris into streets and occasionally scuffled with police. Some protesters hurled rocks at trains…”

    You really have to wonder about the mental state of people who think that throwing a rock at a train is a good way to protest the invasion. Of course, some of these people are just looking for any excuse to trash stuff, but what about the ever so slightly more reasonable people who think blocking traffic is a good way to protest? Yes, we can all see you care very much, wonderful. I may even agree with you, but if you think that holding me up on my way home is a way to protest war…you and I are going to have our own little war right there in the street.

    I can’t be the only one who thinks there’s something kind of petulant and self-defeating about some of the protests. If you really believe Bush is a war criminal, Bush is a usurper, the US is behaving terroristically, etc., why aren’t you trashing a government building instead of delaying commuters on their way home?* Perhaps because that would get them in real trouble instead of just getting dispersed or tossed in the city jail overnight? I just can’t shake the feeling that a lot of the protestors like feeling righteous a whole lot more than they like feeling effective, and in a perverse way, they don’t want to win, because then they couldn’t be so fired up anymore – kind of hard to be the loyal opposition when you’ve already carried the day.

    * Although another article does say, “At San Francisco’s Federal Courthouse, at least two protesters took medicine that induced them to vomit”, which is pretty funny – the courts make me want to vomit often enough.

  2. Why is there a link to Ann Coulter’s column on their front page? Wasn’t David Duke available?

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