Irresistable Cheap Irony


Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia refuses to allow TV or radio coverage of an event at which he is given a Citadel of Free Speech award.


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  1. I found this line from the article interesting:

    “The Constitution just sets minimums,” Scalia said. “Most of the rights that you enjoy go way beyond what the Constitution requires.”

    Replace the word “most” with “some” and scratch out the word “way”, and then maybe it’s a true statement.
    And it says nothing of the rights we are supposed to enjoy, but no longer have because of tortured interpretations of our rights and over-reach of the feds into state matters.

  2. The All-Knowing-Robed-Ones on the bench wiped their ass with the constitution many years ago.

    Has there even been one federal judge who’s opinions have conformed to the actual text in the past half century?

  3. Amendment IX

    The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

    Here’s an amendment that appears to be at odds with Scalia’s comment. Which of the rights that I enjoy, that are not minimally set by the constitution, are also not minimually guaranteed by the ninth amendment? What good is the ninth amendment?

  4. What exactly is “ironic” about this? Free speech is not equivalent with media coverage. The justice was, and is, free to state his opinions on topics various and sundry. So are journalists in this country.
    He merely stated his preference that there be no media coverage at the event. What’s the big deal?

  5. Ditto what RV said…the anti-Scalia forces are giddy over this supposed “irony,” when in fact there is none.

  6. There are (innumerable) reasons to doubt Scalia’s principles and sanity. Could we focus on them instead of this?

    (personal favorite- gays don’t deserve civil rights protection because they’re “wealthier and more influential” than heterosexuals… )

  7. Freedom of Speech, like Democracy, is more than a legal and administrative phenomenon. It is an ideology, a system of belief that the airing of ideas, their consideration, their refutation, and their defense is a positive good for society. Freedom of speech isn’t a right that individuals have in opposition to society, but one that benefits society.

    Scalia’s actions don’t violate the text of the First Amendment, but they violate the spirit.

  8. So by failing to set up a system of cameras and micophones in my house for transmission to all through the web, I’m violating the spirit of the First Amendment?

    So by whispering something to my husband in a lecture rather than asking a public question, I’m violating the spirit of the First Amendment?

    Instead, how about reconizing that part of the genuine spirit of the First Amendment is the right *not* to transmit our thoughts to others unless we so choose?

  9. Diana,

    Only criminals have the right to remain silent. If you haven’t done anything wrong then what would you want to be quiet about?

  10. Diana, the man’s not commenting to his spouse on a play they’re watching. He’s receiving an award from a political group for his political activity on political issues. Would we not benefit from hearing this distinguished thinker (*retch*) comment on this issue?

  11. Here is a portion of the “About Us” section of the City Club’s website. They encourage a give and take style and routinely broadcast their programs. My guess is they are regretting Scalia’s selection.

    “A Free Exchange of Thought

    Established to encourage new ideas and a free exchange of thought, The City Club is the oldest continuous free speech forum in the country, renowned for its tradition of debate and discussion.

    The City Club firmly believes in the free expression of all ideas and the benefits of an open exchange. It is non-partisan and does not take positions on issues. All speakers must answer unfiltered, unrehearsed questions directly from the audience.

    Each Forum is an hour long program. The program starts with a brief introduction followed by a 25-30 minute address by the speaker. Spirited, insightful and often challenging questions from the audience fill the final half hour of the program.

    Today the distinctive sound of the gong can be heard across America on hundreds of radio outlets that bring The City Club’s Friday Forum to listeners in more than 40 states from Maine to Alaska. The Friday Forum is broadcast locally on WCLV 104.9 FM, Cleveland’s affiliate WVIZ/PBS Ideastream, cablecast on Adelphia and selected shows are televised nationally. Through our partnership with Webcast Group, City Club Forums can be viewed online.”

  12. Christ. I’m not sure some of you know what “irresistable cheap irony” means.

  13. EMAIL:
    DATE: 01/26/2004 05:59:40
    Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.

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