Yes We Have No BOOM!


These days the only reason to get out of bed is to see which Monty Python skit has come to life. Today's feature, self-defense against fresh fruit.

The Cinncinnati bomb squad blew up some bananas left outside a Fuddrucker's. Yes, Fuddrucker's. Insidious. I suppose if local TV stations are terrorist targets, a Fuddrucker's could be.

But next time the bomb squad should just eat the bananas, thus disarming them.

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  1. hey Jon H — wonderful! and as the trainer answers each time “a pointed stick” is mentioned:
    “SHUT UP”. 🙂
    fantastic reference! (the 16 ton one is excellent, too!)

    condition orange, huh. maybe it’s a double bluff. an x-k-red 27 technique.

    maybe fudruckers employees are becoming disgruntled because they have to wear too much flair…

    cheers all!

  2. What isn’t mentioned is that the perpetrators left additional bananas in the vicinity, to get the first responders after they came for the initial, more obvious bunch.

    I understand there were some falls, and a number of near-falls.

    Bastards. Why do they hate us?

  3. Neb: “Cincinnaughty” would be the entire region circling
    Hamilton County, which contains Cinci.

    Nothing naughty happens in Cinci.

  4. But what if someone leaves a pointed stick outside a Fuddrucker’s?

  5. Jeff Taylor’s light-hearted comments belie the fact that this was a SUITCASE full of bananas, left, I should suspect, by the Banana Man, who, while not clearly Muslim, is certainly un-American in many ways. Mr Taylor can laugh all he wants, but I’l be giving bananas the bye until this mess settles down. Anyone for gas masks?

  6. “We’re not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe.”

  7. The news story, in classic form, does not plainly state that the bananas were in fact inside the suitcase. It’s inferred. In any case, so what? There were bananas in the suitcase instead of documents, a broken palm pilot, and some soft porn for the bus.

    Now if the bomb squad blew up someone’s cat because it was suspiciously lacking identification papers or no one claimed it, then you would have a story.

  8. Wouldn’t it have been safer to pull the lever and let the 16-ton weight fall on the suitcase?

  9. Aren’t bananas an endangered fruit? Seems like the bananas need the self-defense.

  10. Did anyone else notice that this event happened in “CINCINNATUI”. Isn’t that near “Cincinnaughty”.

    Somebody should direct the fire department to Jungle Jim’s – not only do they have Bananas out the wazoo (and Plantaine’s too!), but it is the only place I know of where you can buy 5 duck heads for $1.40.

    Also suspicious, I have obtained TOP SECRET photographs of the secret Monorail project. Weapons of Mass Distruction (or WMD as our VP likes to call them) are clearly next!

  11. I’d expect this kind of thing under “Threat Condition Yellow” – but aren’t they supposed to be blowing up Oranges this week?

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