March Madness


"The possibility of war with Iraq sent the stock market down again today. The Dow was down more than 82 points at the end of the day. Nasdaq lost more than 7 points on the day."
— Tom Brokaw, NBC Nightly News, December 19, 2002

"The growing likelihood of war with Iraq sent stocks rallying for the fourth-straight session today. On Wall Street, the Dow surged more than 282 points on the day, bringing its four-day gain to more than 600 points. Nasdaq was also up sharply today, almost 52 points."
— Tom Brokaw, NBC Nightly News, March 17, 2003

Speaking of markets (and March Madness): Current trading at pegs the probability of Saddam being deposed by March 31 at 58 percent. (His June 30th contract is trading at 94.)

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  1. Anyone want to take odds that an Iraq general is the one that blows Saddams brains out?

  2. I say he’ll dissapear and show up a few months later in Libya with a pile of loot.

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