Serb PM Assassinated


Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic was shot twice in the chest by a sniper today, and pronounced dead after emergency surgery. Three suspects have been arrested.

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  1. and this time, just think, austrians weren’t involved somehow…
    or were they??? has a whole bunch of stuff. and if you wanna see the pulse of the wiener on the streets, the “leserbriefe” really paint a wonderful, left-wing world for those to enjoy, including tremendous schadenfreude about the columbia…


  2. We are truly entering a golden age for Santayana quotes.

    RK Jones

  3. Nein, mein Herr, ?sterreich gl?cklicherweise besitzt nicht H?lfte von Europa dieses mal.

    L’histoire ne se r?p?te pas toujours.

    (No Sir, Austria fortunately doesn’t own half of Europe this time. History doesn?t always repeat itself.)

    Danken Sie Gott

  4. Kannst Du Dir’s nicht vorstellen, dass der Gerhard Grossdeutschland wieder an die Macht bringt?

    can’t you just imagine gerhard S. bringing greater germany back to power???


  5. Gazundheit!

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