And He Can't Even Convert To Islam


A glimpse into the prison life of John Walker Lindh—whom Jonah Goldberg, you'll recall, outed as a devoted Reason reader: The FBI confirms that the American Talib was assaulted by a fellow inmate or inmates at the medium-security federal prison in Victorville, CA. Anonymous sources provide slightly more detail:

"It was a minor incident, a prison fight. He got a little scraped up, but he's fine. One guy was picking on him," said this source, speaking on condition of anonymity. The source said it wasn't possible to immediately provide information on Lindh's attacker.

The San Bernardino Sun received an anonymous tip early Tuesday that Lindh had been attacked.

"Yes, I'd like to inform your newspaper that John Lindh Walker, who is incarcerated in Victorville, was assaulted this night by a white supremacist organization that is imprisoned there. Thank you," the male caller said in a voice message.

The caller went on to note that the white supremacists were loyal National Review subscribers, though he insisted they only read it for the limericks and the cartoons. The Sun cites a prison source who claims Lindh initially had protection from the prison's Muslims "because they viewed him as a hero. But they pulled back their support because they decided he was not a radical dissident, the source said."