Ready for Satire?


Well, it didn't take very long for the federal Ready push to become one big joke. But you gotta wonder if this design will inspire stalkers.

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  1. Which one is the real site: this one or this one?

  2. I gotta say, I’m impressed at what has to offer. Essentially, if something bad happens, get away from that bad thing. That’s really helpful. I had always thought that in the event of, say, a chemical attack, that I would go TOWARDS the source. Now I know better. Thanks, federal gov’t!

  3. No wonder Charlotte Beers quit.

  4. Maybe they watched too many horror movies, wherein the group of teenagers split up to search for the monster/killer, instead of getting the fuck out of the house/graveyard/woods. Apparently they think the former, rather than the later, is the most likely reaction.

  5. Save you some time. It’s the 2nd one, Mike.

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