Drug War Honesty, At Last


At last, what all drug warriors really think–human life and human rights be damned, we've got a job to do–is openly expressed by Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. An excerpt from the story, from a South African news site news24.com:

Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on Monday defended his government's high-casualty war on drugs and said it "doesn't matter" if the UN sends representatives to investigate extrajudicial killings.

Speaking to reporters at Government House, Thaksin said the Thai public needs to adjust its point of view and accept a large number of violent deaths as the price for waging a successful war on drugs.

"If we don't do something, the drug problem will explode in our faces," he said.

Responding to reports that a United Nations human rights investigator might come to Thailand, Thaksin replied, "It doesn't matter if the UN comes or not" because his government would continue on its present course.

More than 1 100 alleged drug dealers and users have been murdered since Thaksin launched a three-month blitz against illegal drugs on February 1.

On February 26, when the death toll hit 1 140, including women and children, the government announced it would no longer release statistics on the killings.