DNA's 50th is Today


"We have discovered the secret of life," declared Francis Crick as he walked into the Eagle Pub in Cambridge, England, on February 28, 1953. Crick and James Watson had just unravelled the double helix structure of the genetic molecule. Fifieth Anniversary celebrations are breaking out all over including New York and Monterey California. Well after Saddam Hussein is dust, the defining political clash of the next fifty years will be over the future and direction of biotechnology.

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  1. Ron:

    I think you might be somewhat narrow in your proposition – it’s not just the direct of biotechnology, but of technology in general (especially, but not limited to, biotech and nanotech) that will and currently does divide us…

    So, in addition to the statist/indivualist divide, we have a growing stasist/dynamist divide – or have there always been luddites?

  2. I am a big fan of DNA, whats it stand for again? Dynarobotronic Nutracleopathic Acid?

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