Bush Does Want To Debate Saddam


The White House is miffed that CBS did not give the Bush Administration a rebuttal of Saddam Hussein's interview with Dan Rather. White House Spokesman Ari Fleischer says CBS rejected an offer to have a representative correct Saddam's comments after the interview. "This seems odd they wouldn't let the White House have a voice," Fleischer said.

You can see how the White House, which just hasn't had any opportunity to get its Iraq views out to the public, would be upset, but there's already an offer on the table for such an exchange of ideas, if President Bush (or as Saddam says, "Mr. Bush") is man enough to take up the challenge.

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  1. I’m thinkin’ “Texas Cage Match”….to the death….”No! To the pain”.

  2. NO! Your ears you’ll keep and I’ll tell you why…

  3. “This time IT’S PERSONAL!”

    Reads disclaimer real fast: “George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein not scheduled to appear in person.”

  4. “Bush vs. Hussein II! This time, IT’S PERSONAL!”

  5. CBS doesn’t appear to be real interested in showing the Bush administration side of anything. I noticed that last night, they chose not to air his address even tho the other two networks (and, I assume, FoxNews, MSNBC and CNN) did. Not the first time, either as I recall. Of course, no one ever accused Rather of being unbiased.

  6. Actually, CBS offered to have a White House “representative” rebut Saddam — as long as the rep was Bush, Cheney or Powell. The White House instead wanted to send obsequious toady Fleischer. Which raises the question: if appearing on CBS was so important to the White House, why were they so reluctant to send someone higher on the food chain than their bottom-feeding mouthpiece?

  7. How about Bin Laden? If he offers to debate, should the President take him up on it?

  8. He gassed his own people, he’s evil, he violated this, he violated that…

    What the hell else can be said that’s not already been said twenty million times? Methinks they doth protest too much.

  9. WWF smackdown – ‘Bomb em Back to the Stone Age’ Bush vs Sadam the ‘Terror of the Sand’ ONLY ON PAY PER VIEW

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