Beyond Duct Tape


Dissatisfied with Washington's tips for dealing with biological attack? Hey: It could be worse.

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  1. Common sense is in extraordinarily short supply in government. I’m pretty sure I can protect myslf better than they can protect me.

  2. Then, as now, the purpose of such government “information” is to pacify the ignorant. There’s really no point in directing these things at those who actually understand what is going on; there’s no consoling someone who knows enough to know that if a really nasty bioweapon (or a nuke, etc.) goes off in your hometown, you’re probably screwed. “Duck and cover” won’t save you if you’re in the blast radius. As for using duct tape to protect from a biological attack…well, I can’t even keep crickets out of my house…

    Now that I’ve posted my happy thought for the day…

  3. Not much has changed since that film. The types of contaminants are much the same, and the method of distribution remains unchanged. Sure, cyber viruses now exist that attack the cyber world, but as to biologicals, what has changed?

    Should I leave work early to go wash my kitchen floor?

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