Parsing Patriot II


An interesting analysis of what Patriot II could mean if enacted into law here, from Anita Ramasastry, a law professor at the University of Washington. Lots of scary stuff. An excerpt: "What if you're lucky enough discover that you've been illegally spied on, in violation of your Fourth Amendment rights? Too bad. Patriot II would provide immunity from liability to law enforcement engaging in spying operations against the American people. The proposed act provides a defense for federal agents who engage unauthorized searches and surveillances relating to foreign intelligence when they are acting "pursuant to a lawful authorization from the President or the Attorney General."

What if a disgruntled business competitor chooses to falsely claim to the government that you're a "suspected terrorist"? Again, too bad. Don't consider suing the competitor, no matter what consequences ensure Patriot II eliminates civil liability for businesses and employees that report "suspected terrorists" to the federal government, no matter how malicious or unfounded the tip may be."

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  1. Why do these pigs even bother anymore, pretending that they’re operating under cover of the Constitution or any form of legality? Why don’t they just come out and admit that, as in 1984, there aren’t any objective laws–you’ll just know you violated something when you wind up doing twenty years in a forced labor camp.

  2. Kevin – These sort of negative postings on the internet only help the evildoers. Please remain seated. The FBI will arrive within 5 minutes. A bunk at Alaska Reeducation Camp Number 12 has already been reserved for you.

  3. John:

    Be forewarned: I have a classical statue with big titties in my front yard, and the premises are patrolled by a calico cat. You should be prepared for a lengthy process of binding and rebuking evil spirits before you can lay hands on me.

  4. I must say i’m torn between 2 choices here. Do i get out now while i still can? Or do i hang out here in the good ol’ US of A in the hopes of making some money before i bolt?

    The all american Greed…it is a bitch. :p

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