Felons with Guns


The headline of this piece sums it up well: "The sordid legal saga of Katica Crippen, Second Amendment pinup girl." But what makes the story so sordid isn't the nudie, gun-wielding photos she posed for, but the fact that she's being thrown in jail. Link via Utne.

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  1. Somehow I don’t think this is the poster child the NRA is looking for. The felon is possession charge may be silly on its own merit, but she is going to have a tough time garnering any sympathy. I don’t see the second amendment and outlaw biker communities jumping into bed together over this cause.

  2. Sorry…she’s in jail because she got stupid. Convicted felon….gun…sounds like jail to me.

  3. Well then I’ll jump in. Look to the felony. Selling drugs. Between adults. Not a violent act. The government busily makes federal crime laws that parallel state ones, and steadily increases infractions to felonies. And the Violence against Women’s act doesn’t even require a felony, just a “domestic.”

    As a gun onwer, I suspect this is done to put an air of legitimacy around government’s desire to separate gun owners from their guns. Once a felon, never again a gun possesor. This punishment is unrelated to the crime.

  4. If she knew she didn’t have a right to bear arms what made her think she could get away with bare legs? And how about prviding a bearing to her bare breasts! I mean without the pics this story isn’t even worth the time it takes to link to it.

  5. Couldn’t they have claimed they were replica or prop guns. Or is that a crime now too?

  6. Goat…I agree, but my point is that she knew the law and consequences. She violated it and ended up in jail. That she shouldn’t have been a felon in the first place is true, but immaterial at this point.

  7. In one of my former lives I worked with electronic monitoring (ankle bracelet) service companies. A lot of strippers wore them as they plied their trade and the good ones used the bracelet in their act – adding to their naughtiness.

    I don’t know this lady’s particulars but, in general, she should have been either working or at home. From what I saw in the article this lady had a whole string of things she could have been sent back for. And we don’t even know what else she’d been doing. The guns were just icing on the cake.

  8. I dunno, Steve. I don’t think the eighth amendment is immaterial. I think she has a good case of unusual punishment.

  9. I Knew this chick before we both went to the joint for varios violations of the law. Sure, posing for those pictures and then offering them up for public consumption wasn’t the brightest thing in the world to do. But the fact it, the “for your own good” drug laws are stupid, and if the drugs weren’t illegal, she wouldn’t have been a felon in possesion of a weapon

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