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My reference last week to the Oklahoma City bombing caught the eye of reader Richard Olson, who passes along an interesting (and very entertaining) article published two years ago in The Guardian.

The best part: "Dennis is a conspiracy theorist, but he said he doesn't believe the conspiracy theory that he was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing."

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  1. how about the connection between the expanded federal thug — errr police powers after oklahoma city and the government’s response to 9/11?

    PATRIOT seems like a nice piggy back on the measures from back then.

    the only difference is that all of those “anti government types” from back then aren’t complaining now.

    and as for the reference in the guardian article to “clerical workers” on the death star , it would be easier if government employees (“workers” is too optimistic a term) wear the red star trek shirts. 🙂 ha ha.

    happy tuesday!

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