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Today's New York Times has a cute (maybe a little too cute) story about the proliferation of back-of-the-car fish decals, which started out as Jesus references, got hijacked by evolutionists (who put feet on the fish and Darwin's name in the middle), then diversified into various jokey forms. The article is a bit of a stretch for the science section, but it does cite at least one study by a bona fide academic. Surveying owners of the Darwin fish, he found, predictably, that many were angry atheists (some of whose rants about the evils of religion extended beyond the space allotted on the survey forms). Others, however, saw the emblems as expressing the reconciliation of science and religion–an interesting illustration of how consumers bring their own meaning even to seemingly trivial novelty items.

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  1. Here’s another subtle joke suggestion for athiests, angry or otherwise – get a bumper stiker that says ‘Self Employed’ and park next to people with the ‘My boss is a Jewish Carpenter’ stickers… or maybe ‘Flying Solo’ as a counterpoint to “God is my Co-Pilot”… I’ve always wanted to do this but I’m not sure how many people would actually get it, when seen out of context.

  2. Jim:

    Another thing you might be interested in, if it’s still around… There used to be a company that sold screw decals, that could be pasted over the heart to deface those “I (heart) whatever” bumper stickers. The possibilities are mind-bending.

  3. There’s a new one for the angry bible-thumping freak – a fish with “TRUTH” written in the middle, eating a “DARWIN” fish.

    Leave it to peace loving theists to start violent decals.

    I don’t know why fellow darwinian atheists would want to make a target of themselves with a car decal.

  4. All righty, you wize guy Athiests and Darwinians…now you’ve crossed the line! Next time y’all head down to your favorite fishing hole and pull up nothing but ten pound locusts, don’t be surprised. My sense of humor has just run out! (But I’m not vindictive–I’ll leave ya George Bush. HA HA!)

  5. am eagerily awaiting the loaf decal as well. you know, a matching set.

    but either way, i prefer these to those silly calvin stickers…

  6. Heh. I have a Darwin fish on my car and and presently wearing a Darwin fish tie clip. I’m not an angry atheist. I’m just an atheist in Alabama.

  7. Why is the jesus symbol a fish?

  8. the jesus symbol is a fish because a lot time ago when Christians were being persecuted, they would avoid speaking of God for fear of being caught and punished for their beliefs. So a Christian would draw an arc in the sand and whoever they just met finished the picture of the fish by drawing another arc, the two would know it was safe to discuss Christianity (it’s a fish because Jesus was a fisherman) so people continue to put Jesus fish on their cars to proclaim their faith.

    I just want a TRUTH fish eating a JESUS fish because though I agree with Darwin, I don’t think evolution disproves God’s existence. Christianity, how I hate you so.

  9. Another explanation was that the Greek for fish, ICHTHYS worked as an acronym in Greek for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.” It didn’t hurt that Peter and other disciples were fishermen.

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