Toy Guns for Tots


Not saying I approve of these sorts of anti-social shenanigans, but thought it worth noting that someone from the Manhattan Libertarian Party is playing a combination of Santa Claus and Samuel Colt.

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  1. The most telling part of the article is the following:

    Current city law permits the sale of only brightly colored toy guns constructed of transparent material. But proponents argue that it is easy to paint the guns black or cover them in black tape to make them look real.

    If that is the standard, then we also need to outlaw balsa wood. It is esay to cut out a piece of wood in the shape of a gun and cover it in black tape.

  2. Don’t forget coat and jacket pockets. Maybe they could reach a compromise, and just make it illegal to put your hands in them.

  3. ———————————————-
    Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields said she was outraged by the stunt.

    “Our children should never be used as pawns in a political fight,” she said in a news release.
    This is it, the single most hypocritical statement I have ever heard.

  4. The fact that criminals have resorted to using toy guns to commit crimes and escape a more severe penalty is probably the best way to demonstrate why firearms restrictions in place of prosecuting criminals for the crimes themselves will never work. Also, if a ‘kid’ (defined as usual to include teenagers and young adults who clearly would be held accountable as adults in court for violent crimes) gets shot and killed while using a fake gun with the intent of deceiving the police (or anyone else) that it is real is still basically ‘getting what he deserved’ or at least capable of understanding that by choosing such a course of action it carries that risk.

    That is a far different situation that the police killing a youngster on the playground sporting a toy gun while playing war with his friends. However, when they make statements about the number of children accidentally shot by police while carrying toy guns, it would be an important distinction that needs to be made between these two cases.

  5. Brightly colored toy guns? Check out these.

    My wife has the fuschia one. All it needs is a rubber suction cup on the end.

    Toy guns can look like real ones, and real guns can look like toys. Why not just make guns legal, like in the Bill of Rights?

  6. yo all these mother fuckers think toy guns r bad well fuck that ho mos cuns r kool and all kids should have em to learn to protect them selves so FUCK OFF MOTHER FUCKERS ps mike em ail me 🙂


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