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The Free State Project (FSP)– the latest in a string of plans for ideologically sympatico people to move en masse to one location so they can more or less run the show there, which Jesse Walker wrote about for Reason in our January issue—has attracted some attention from the media in Delaware, one of the states on the FSP's short list. The lead in the story from the Delaware News-Journal:
A bloodless coup to take control of the Delaware state government is being planned.

If successful, by 2010 an army of 20,000 will move in, ascend to power and eliminate virtually all taxes—along with nearly all government programs and regulations. No public schools, no health, welfare or social services, no liquor laws, no gun control or land use laws. Smoking would be allowed nearly everywhere, as would almost all forms of gambling and prostitution.

The free market would run riot.

The story goes on to quote a local Libertarian Party head who admits he is "not putting much effort into it." For an interesting bit of historical perspective, the story says that in 1895 a bunch of Henry Georgist single-taxers tried a similar scheme that failed to change state laws to their preference. "The effort failed, but the invaders remained, founding the village of Arden, where that principle lives on."

Even if the FSP's legacy is just a libertarian village with a quaint, half-remembered history a century down the line, that would be something.

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  1. If Scientologists can take over Clearwater, why can’t Libertarians take over Delaware?

  2. “an army of 20,000 will move in, ascend to power…”

    Nice hyperbole.

  3. It also reminds me of the plans at the end of WALDEN TWO, although, of course, the ideology and politics of that planned community are completely at odds with libertarians. But the idea of “taking over” an area by numbers and political activism remains the same.

  4. Funny — if African-Americans were planning on moving into Delaware en mass wouldn’t terms like “invade” and “take over” be overtly racist?

  5. I agree with you, anonymous, that those two terms don’t fit, “invasion” or “take over”, for libertarians.

    You may want to ask Bill Buckley to correct me (oops, wrong magazine ;-), but I believe it’s a “liberation” by 20,000 libertarians.

    Along the same vein, the proper term would be an “infestation” of left-wingers. That term would apply for as little as 17 of them coming to one state.

    Again, my English is not up to par with Bill Buckley, damn, wrong magazine!

  6. Why Delaware? Nevada is probably already closer to the libertarian ideal than any other state.

  7. Because Delaware needs it.

  8. Aren’t the states used most commonly for “incorporating” Delaware and Nevada?

    Am I the only one who finds it a little contradictory to consider Nevada “libertarian” when most of the residents rely on the federal government for water?

  9. Not Delaware, it’s too damn cold. And small, for that matter.

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