No New Beaver State Taxes


Oregon Voters Reject Higher Taxes, reports the AP.

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  1. “Elderly people, the disabled, state troopers, school teachers and others are bracing for state funding cuts after Oregon voters rejected an income tax increase.”

    Already our “un-biased” news meda protrays the referendum as a “yes” vote for the old, the crippled and government workers. Who, but a cold, heartless, capitalists pig, would vote against them?

  2. Of course, good state governments that want to get tax increases passed will always cut the things that lend themselves best to emotional appeals (education, police, aid to the elderly and disabled) first.

  3. Wooo Hoooo!

    You’ve no idea what the productive citizens were up against here. (Especially here in Skinner’s Mud Hole)
    Every puplic school student had to sit through at least one indoctrination session.
    Government social workers were registering all their clients and “helping them vote.”
    The “Yes on 28 committee” (i.e. every government employee and other disaffected loser) got free advertising on every paper, radio and TV station.
    Well, the taxpayers shrugged for once. Hopefully we can start the state on a path to fiscal responsibility.

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