Flying for a Song


Sounds like some welcome new competition for Southwest and JetBlue. The press release calls Delta's Song "the world's most innovative low-fare airline service." Sounds good…except that the press release conspicuously fails to mention any snazzy new innovation, other than individualized in-flight entertainment. Let's hear it, songbirds!

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  1. “Song” is truly much ado about nothing. Delta has operated a low-cost carrier-within-a-carrier for quite some time now (Delta Express), basically offering low-fare point-to-point service between points in the Northeast and Upper Midwest to and from Florida using high density B737’s (a la Southwest). Not to mention all of the various codesharing and other alliances that Delta has struck with various Regional Jet providers (ASA, Comair, etc).

    Other majors (United and Continental immediately come to mind) have tried the low-cost airline-within-an-airline concept before too.

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