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Attention bootleggers: Disney seems intent on creating a market niche for you.

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  1. But Miyazaki’s animated films — not just those two, but “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “Castle In The Sky” — are or soon will be available on DVD with the original versions subtitled and intact. Disney may not know how to market anime in theaters, but there are enough Miyazaki fans in the animation division to keep his films in one piece. It’s a different story at Miramax and Dimension.

  2. Forget bootleggers, you can often find Asian films with English subtitles that were released for the Hong Kong, Singapore, or Australian markets before Disney got the US rights. Sure, they’re not supposed to be sold here, but tell that to folks on Ebay and the like.

  3. It’s not just lack of promotion that Disney inflicted on Spirited Away, it’s lack of distribution. There was huge word of mouth promotion if they’d have only got it into any but the largest cities.

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