New Front in the War with China


That war with the Chinese the neocons were so excited about prior to 9/11 is apparently in full PsyOps mode already. According to this WorldNetDaily report, made-in-China toys are telling American infants that "I hate you."

As first reported by The Columbian, a Vancouver, Wash., family discovered that the toy they unsuspectingly attached to their son's crib utters the words "I hate you" amid the rhythmic ocean sounds designed to lull the baby asleep.

Blanche Skelton told WorldNetDaily she was giving her 6-month-old, Alex, his medicine the other night when she heard the soft voice of a woman or little kid repeating the nasty message over and over.

"The voice has a softness to it. It sounds hypnotizing. … I think it's creepy," Skelton said. "My husband thought I was crazy until he heard it." Skelton's in-laws and everyone who has visited the house since have heard it.

Alas, WorldNetDaily didn't use the soundfile capabilities of the Web to allow us to hear and judge for ourselves.

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  1. Damn those wily Chinese. They’ve figured out our Achilles heel. Our infatuation with self-esteem.

  2. Damn it! First those commies want to corrupt our precious bodily fluids with floridation, now this? Nuke Bejing! Destroy the Red… err, yellow… err, ORANGE… Destroy the Orange hordes for duty, honor, god, country, mom, and apple pie!!!

  3. This gets my vote for most hysterical, irresponsible spin of the year.

  4. Floridation – the attempts by the Chinese to make all Americans move to Florida.

  5. Once the suggestion is planted, things like this can easily be heard by anyone. Kind of like the supposedly pro-gay message coming from the already inherently creepy Teletubbie dolls, or the backwards messages in rock songs. I’ve listened to Stairway to Heaven backwards, heard the backward message with my own ears, but I still don’t believe it’s intentional. Humans have an amazing ability to perceive patterns, even in random information.

  6. “Floridation – the attempts by the Chinese to make all Americans move to Florida.”

    Ugh. Now that would be legitimate grounds for nuking Beijing. (I had the misfortune of living in Miami for two months a few years back.)

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