Ecstasy Kills


Ang Kiem Soei, an ethnic Chinese holding a Dutch passport and an Indonesian identity card, has been sentenced to death in the Tangerang district of Indonesia, for running the country's "largest-known Ecstasy factory." The designer drug, don't you know, is "especially popular among Jakarta's young, well-to-do disco-going set."


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  1. Shhhh… Not so loud, you’ll give the Republican’s ideas on “toughening” their drug policies

  2. Even with death sentences their war on drugs doesn’t seem to work.

  3. Where can i find more about Ang Kiem Soei, and his new herbal medican, wich he produces in prision???

  4. Dear people,

    If someone knows the address of the prison (maybe even the telephonenumber) where Ang Kiem Soei is staying, please let me know. I’d like to interview him for an article (for Dutch media). Kiem Soei finds himself in a tough situation at the moment as the death penalty in Indonesia as just been executed on an Indian citizen. Tell me all you know. Best regards, Geoffrey Carliez

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