A Nation Sleeps: Lieberman Announces


Paula Zahn is doing a segment on child care. Yahoo News puts it toward the bottom of its daily stories. The Senator's own website doesn't even announce it. Dick Gephardt was supposed to have set a new standard in "quiet" presidential candidacy announcements, but Vinegar Joe seems to be outdoing the rest of the pack in this particular stoneface contest. You'd think our national scold might get some attention as the most Republican Democrat. Then again, maybe former "Silver Sewer Award" recipients Edgar Bronfman, Les Moonves, and Rupert Murdoch have entered into a conspiracy of silence. (I'm disappointed that Bill and Joe apparently haven't awarded a Silver Sewer since 1999. Has our culture stopped degenerating?)

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  1. “Vinegar Joe.” That’s funny.

    The man seems intent upon boring the nation to death. Why can’t he see how hopeless his candidacy is? God, even DICK CHENEY upstaged him in a debate!

  2. Fittingly, here is today’s Fox Trot comic strip:

  3. Tim steals from the best: the sobriquet “Vinegar Joe” was originally applied to General Joe Stillwell who commanded the Burma theatre during the start of the Pacific phase of World War Two.

    I don’t know whether we should term Mr. Leiberman “Vinegar Joe” or just “Prissy Joe”. đŸ™‚

    I do know of one correspondent who’s personal fantasy is to see this exchange:
    “Mr. Arafat, I present to you President Leiberman.” Heh.

  4. (snoring noises)

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