Bumfights = Free Expression?


As you probably heard, the producers of Bumfights, AKA the Bumfight Krew, were recently arrested on numerous felony charges for the making of Bumfights Volume 1: Cause for Concern. And yes, it's true, they are also being sued. Despite all this nonsense, we at Bumfights would like you to know that the video is still for sale, and as long as there is a 1st Ammendment in this country it's gonna take a helluva lot more than that to shut us down. The BFK would like to thank all of their loyal fans for your support and are currently hard at work on the sequel.

So say the Bumfight Krew as the multiple-felony case against them proceeds.

Their defense: Paying homeless people to sock each other is no different from Hollywood producers getting stunt men to do risky gags. Support for that defense: Homeless man Donald Brennan appeared neither "drunk nor dismayed" when he got "BUMFIGHT" tattooed on his forehead, and was convinced the Krew would make him a star.

The prosecution: The four Krew members committed solicitation of a felony, battery, conspiracy to promote an illegal fight and other offenses. Support for that case: Homeless man Peter LaForte turned down a $20 offer to fight homeless woman Porkchop, but was then attacked by Porkchop, and the subsequent fight ended up in the Bumfights tape.

You decide. Well, actually, a judge will decide…