The Al-Arian Case


Speaking of controversial professors: The faculty union at the University of South Florida filed a grievance this week on behalf of Sami Al-Arian, a computer science prof fired for his alleged support for terrorism. If you're coming late to this story, the best overview of the Al-Arian case that I've seen was published last year by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a pro-academic freedom group run by Reason contributing editor Alan Charles Kors.

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  1. I hope (and expect) the grievance petition fails. I have followed the good Prof. Al-Arian’s story and don’t think “academic freedom and free speech” will be served by supporting him, nor will they be destroyed by letting him go.

    It is naive to assume “academic freedom and free speech” thrive on most campuses anyway; it is all in the hands of who decides what is OK and what is not. If a bunch of school admins decide that something is not welcome on the campus because it is offensive/divisive there goes your free speech. So, don’t lose your sleep over this guy.

  2. I’ll more likely lose sleep over idiots like YOU who allow themselves to be walked all over by government institutions who decide they can be anarchic whenever they feel like it.

    If it’s all in the hands of who says what’s OK, then I’m allowed to say what’s OK and you are not.

  3. Whoever this nameless guy is – please help me understand your point. And if you can do so, try to do that without unnecessary words like “idiot” (I believe I can prove that I am more intelligent/rational – and/or less idiotic than you are, by any reasonble measure you choose)

    I did not say it is OK for someone to trample over me or you. I said that is what is going on in most universities now. Do you not agree? Have you attended college, and have or have not experienced “speech codes” or other restrictions to speech depending on what your views are?

    If not, you need to experience it. If you have, how come I have not heard your complaint (may be you did complain without listing your name!) before you come to defend the professor’s rights?

    Hope you get to see this and respond intelligently.

  4. Where would they “academic freedom” be if he was a KKK leader organizing, associating and promoting while at the University? Hating Jews and promoting the targeting of civilians is A-OK if you’re middle-eastern as an expression of “academic freedom”?

    Your elitism blinds you to the fact that both are equally evil.

    My father is a tenured American Literature professor and his “academic freedom” is constantly challenged by intrusive agenda driven demands to include non-literature “works” to politicize his course materials.

    That’s a seriously important battle the Universities are losing nationwide as they are over-run by self indulgent egotists proselytizing the intolerance of “diversity”.

    You want me to cry for this racist butcher? I cry for the innocents that die… die because he helps kill them while you wax philosophically about “academic freedoms”.

  5. “Elitism”? Where did you get that, Dane?

  6. No one has likened the War on Terrorism to a kind of mass hysteria. Doesn’t the War on Terrorism share similarities with McCarthyism, the Missle Crisis, breast implant syndrom, market bubbles and flying saucers? What does it take to see that the U.S. is grossly over reacting? Is it only possible in retrospect? Do we first have to experience the unexpected consequences of our actions?

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