Super Bowl

Super Bowl Scuffle


Ah, the Americans with Disabilities Act. Bush the Elder's gift that keeps on giving. Now its infamous "reasonable accommodation" test may halt the Super Bowl. Yes, the Super Bowl.

Back in 1997 an activist for the disabled in San Diego sued the city under the ADA claiming that the city-owned stadium did not accommodate the handicapped. The city finally settled in 2001 and promised to make $5 million in upgrades to Qualcomm Stadium.

Now it is up to a judge to decide if those upgrades have, in fact, been made.

Curiously, the city and the NFL now advance the argument that the upgrades thing is moot as the settlement only applies to public events. And as Super Bowl tix are doled out to insiders or lottery-winning season ticket holders in the host city and not available to just any schmoe San Diegan, the Super Bowl is a private event.

That's kinda odd as about a zillion people will see and hear it.