And the Junk Science Oscar Goes To…


Steve Milloy, who wrote Junk Science Judo and publishes , has listed some "Junk Science Oscars" at

A sample:

Best performance by Swedish meatballs. Swedish scientists alarmed us in April that baking and frying high-carbohydrate foods, like potatoes and bread, formed acrylamide, a substance that has been linked with cancer in laboratory animal experiments.

What they didn?t say was that even if lab animal experiments were a good predictor of cancer risk in humans—a HUGE leap of faith—someone of average bodyweight would have to eat 35,000 potato chips (about 62.5 pounds) per day for life to get an equivalent dose of acrylamide as the lab animals!

You might not be able to eat just one Lays potato chip, but 35,000?

The list is a welcome reminder of how rotten a lot of science media coverage really is.