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The Information Awareness Office finally seems to have picked up on the fact that its logo, noted in these parts a few months back, was—to put it succinctly—freaking people out. The IAO site now features a more subdued, corporate insignia, though compulsive Illuminati-watchers will note that it still includes a pyramid.

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  1. So I went over to the IAO website to check it out. I figured, if you were to erase only one cookie in your life, this one would be the one.

    Funny thing is, they didn’t leave a cookie.

    Should I feel safer now?

  2. I wouldn’t count on the no cookie rule there. Cookies are often named things that have nothing to do with their source and are hard to identify, which is probably the intent. But thanks for bringing that up–hadn’t thought of that myself.

  3. Nope – no cookie. I keep my cookie box pretty clean, erasing anything unfamiliar/uneeded. After dinking on the site, letting the waves of powerpoint graphs and what looked like football plays flood my screen, not a new cookie was to be found.

    Do they have something sneakier, or are they still getting used to this internet thingy?

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