Fanatic Released—Hot or Not?


A good news/bad news story from Danny Hakim in The New York Times:

The man, Mohamed Nasser al-Ajji, 31, of Detroit, had been charged with a relatively minor offense related to Social Security fraud, though more serious accusations were laid out in court filings. At a detention hearing in federal court here today, Magistrate Steven D. Pepe said there were insufficient grounds to hold Mr. al-Ajji. Court filings released on Monday by federal prosecutors said Mr. al-Ajji's former brother-in-law had called the police in New York and told them Mr. al-Ajji was linked to Al Qaeda and was planning a terror attack.

More than 1,000 audiotapes espousing radical Islamic and anti-American views were found in Mr. al-Ajji's residence, as well as a letter from a Yemeni holy man responding to a question about the morality of a suicide attack. But Justice Department and F.B.I. officials in Washington said they did not believe that Mr. al-Ajji was planning an attack and thought it more likely he might be a sympathizer of radical groups.

On the plus side, subversive literature and correspondence, and an accusation by a disgruntled in-law, are not enough to hold a suspect. On the minus side, an obvious America-hating fanatic is out on the street…

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  1. >On the plus side, subversive literature and
    >correspondence, and an accusation by a
    >disgruntled in-law, are not enough to hold a

    Well yes… but on the minus side, this guy’s future act of terrorism will have to do. Come on, does anyone believe this guy is not trouble? Also it sounds like the guy is not a citizen. Social Security fraud sounds like a good enough reason to me to kick him out of the country.

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