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Speaking of the Raelians, I see that they call the extraterrestrials who created the human race "Elohim," which is one of the biblical names for God. The term is plural, literally meaning "gods," a fact that tends to sow confusion among Hebrew school students absorbing the teachings of an emphatically monotheistic tradition. The Raelian understanding fits the word's form but does not comport so well with the rest of the biblical story, e.g., the part where Elohim create(s) the heaven and earth.

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  1. I always knew that UFO-ology have become the new religion. Angels have been replaced with little gray men with an odd interest in proctology, Roswell becomes a Mecca–in a very literal sense–for every paranoid on Earth, instead of the rapture we have abductions, and Satan now wears the uniform of whatever branch of the US Military was responsible for the big cover-up.

    Does that make David Duchovny a post-modern prophet?

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