The Secret History of a Holiday


Q: What does it take for Ann Coulter, not recently a friend to civil liberties, to criticize COINTELPRO and the FBI's subversion of radical groups?

A: A chance to take some potshots at Kwanzaa.

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  1. I don’t. United Slaves bad, COINTELPRO bad, Kwanzaa silly at best. Hooray for Coulter — this time.

  2. Seventh sign of the apocalypse-I actually agree with an Ann Coulter column. God, I feel so dirty.

  3. True enough, but Christmas was originally a Winter Solstice celebration; invented by pagans as an excuse to drink even more beer than usual.

  4. Even a broken clock is right once or twice a day, depending on whether you go by military time or “normal” time.

    Unless the clock is digital, in which case it’s probably not working at all, so it’s never right.

    Oh, yeah, this is applicable more or less directly to the bombastic blond bimbo.

    Yeah, Kwanza is stupid, and so are most of it’s adherents.

  5. Hmmmm. I must have been out sick the day Ann Coulter came out against civil liberties. Missed it completely.

  6. I appreciate that Ann Coulter isn’t exactly flavour of the month round these parts, but which parts of her article do you disagree with?

  7. It isn’t Kwanzaa that is stupid: It’s Karenga’s set of underlying marxist principles. Coke and Hallmark have two rather banal principles; profit and entertainment. Moreover, Coke & Hallmark don’t promote Santa and Mom’s Day as “white” phenomena.

    It really doesn’t matter whether Ron Karenga is black or not: He’s a bigot. It does matter that bigots are stupid, and that no one group of people has a patent on political stupidity. And it does matter that Karenga hoped his holiday would promote his stupid politics.

    The notion that Kwanzaa is celebrated uniquely by idiots just doesn’t conform to reality. A lot of smart people – of all races – are adopting and transforming Kwanzaa into something universal and enjoyable.

    Karenga and his politics will be washed away by the marketplace of ideas. Irony as poetic justice. That’s Kuumba.

  8. One man’s counter radical group is another man’s counter radical group.

  9. So, Coca Cola and Hallmark can invent Santa Claus and Mother’s Day but if a black guy does it, it’s stupid.

    Ann Coulter is a joke.

  10. Michael: Day? Try *year*…

  11. like anyone i have friends, usually quite unusual friends w/ unusual backgrounds. some of us had a discussion then debate about the coca cola and santa clause issue and is he fabricated from advertising and if its not true why does only coca cola have them on their cans and trucks….

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