Kissinger Bails


Henry Kissinger has quit as chairman of the panel President George W. Bush charged with investigating the 9/11 attacks.

Now will someone admit this White House had a lousy personnel week? It seems that Karl Rove decided that going for long-in-tooth, "Washington hand" candidates was foolproof.

Not so. Especially in the case of Kissinger who obviously, obviously would have had to throw open his private consulting biz to scrutiny. But Henry says no dice, which makes you wonder if anyone ever really talked to him about the job.

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  1. Does this mean that GWB has to appoint someone else?

    Here’s a suggestion out of left-coast field: Bill Simon. He’s probably not real busy right now.

    As far as Kissinger, Donaldson, Snow, et al: the White House recruiting office looks to be headed by Chevron-17. Yale-43 should get off his ass and out of the mesozoic era.

  2. Bill Simon?

    Well, his strange take on privacy fits in well with
    Kissinger and the Bush Administration (for those not
    from Cali, he refused to release personal tax
    records for a long time, then changed his mind, but
    only gave reporters five hours to glance at them in
    a controlled environment), but come on, this is
    someone who couldn’t beat Gray Davis. He doesn’t
    exactly have much to offer.

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