Would All My Pampered Work-At-Home Staffers Shut The F



The LA Daily News is reporting that rush hour on US Rt. 101, the fabled Ventura Freeway, now lasts seven–count 'em–hours each way! [Link courtesy of the LA Examiner]

As regular Reason readers know, the magazine is technically based in the City of Angels. Yet due to the mixed blessing of telecommuting, we've only got three full-time staffers who punch the clock in our West Coast HQ (none of whom has more than a 20-minute commute, though they're probably lying about that).

The rest of us work out of what I'm sure are slovenly home offices in such exotic ports of call as San Francisco, Phoenix, Baltimore, D.C., and small towns in Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia.

Howewver briefly, the News story reminds those of us who are bravely recapitulating pre-Industrial Revolution work patterns that there's at least one real benefit to bastardizing your home life.

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  1. I have commuted over 10 minutes for only two years of my lengthy working life. Perhaps that helped me to my present 70 years. I deeply admire commuters.

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