Mississippi Justice


So 60 Minutes does a story on Mississippi juries sticking big civil awards on big out-of-state companies in perverse rounds of "jackpot justice."

So what do the jurors mentioned on the broadcast do? Sue the TV show for $6 billion. That's $597 million in actual damages and $5.9 billion in punitive damages for their defamation.

Yep, that sure proves Morley and friends were wrong.

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  1. What do you expect from these folks? Gotta love the irony though 🙂

  2. Ugrading to a double-wide, putting two cars on the lawn, and gettin’ one ‘a them there tv dishes don’t come cheap, boy.

  3. This story confuses me. I always thought the Liberal media was in favor of big civil awards. Then 60 Minutes – arguably the poster child for the Liberal media – does a piece about ridiculously large civil awards, and gets hit with a ridiculously large civil lawsuit itself. As Alanis once sang, “And isn’t it ironic…dontcha think?”

  4. I just wonder , do you think the lawyers might have anything to do with any of this ????

    Just wondering.

  5. Brad, Missippi was a Bush win (57%) in 2000. That makes them fair game to liberals.

    Besides, from the liberal point of view, it’s never wrong to marginalize people whose political views we don’t agree with, even if the story borders on hypocracy.

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