Blame Canada


Canada is serious about this legal pot thing. Justice Minister Martin Cauchon says he wants to look at making pot possession the legal equal to a parking ticket. And soon. By spring.

A previous Canadian government report suggested legal possession for anyone over 16. Put it all together and your new spring break destination location: Yellowknife.

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  1. I mantain that it will become legal not because our govt comes to its senses, but rather when it realizes how much money is to be made off of pot tourism, taxes, etc. Look for early pushes in this direction in Nevada and Indian reservations.

  2. Canada was on the verge of decriminalizing marijauna in the late ’70s. Then Prime Minister Joe Clark had announced they intended to change the law but then Reagan was elected, started the ‘War on Drugs’, and the U.S. gov’t put pressure on Canada to cancel the legislation.

  3. Organized Labor Unions + Legalized Marijuana = A new race of ultra-lazy human beings…

  4. Someone pointed out recently (sorry, can’t find the link) that Canada has a real precedent here: the Seagrams empire was started during Prohibition.

    Its inevitable.

  5. Funky Winkerbean: Except when it comes time to ask for more money. Never too lazy to ask for more money.

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