One War Leads to Another?


The Los Angeles Times reports on Secretary of State Colin Powell's visit yesterday to Colombia, characterizing it as connected with Colombia's taking the reins of the U.N. Security Council. Since we want a smooth ride through the U.N. for any war plans against Iraq, it's time to kiss some small-nation butt. Of course, what Colombia wants out of us is more than just some face time—precious as that might be—with Powell; they want more money, more aid, more drug eradication, more U.S. involvement in their ongoing civil war. The Times says they are especially eager to resume "U.S. intelligence aid to help Columbian and Peruvian authorities track down drug-carrying aircraft by using high-tech surveillance planes"–a program that already claimed the life of a U.S. missionary and her young daughter last April. So, our eagerness to relive the glories of the first Gulf War promises to dig the foundations for what might be our next Vietnam in Colombia.