3o Years Ago in Reason


"While much of the tedious homework has yet to be completed, Stanford University's distinguished Professor of Genetics and Biology, Doctor Joshua Lederberg, feels that human clonal reproduction is only a few years away."

— Winston L. Duke, "The New Biology"

"Androids will become immensely valuable in prolonging the lifetime of Homo sapiens….Even before we can produce android-clones, it will be tempting to try brain or head transplants."

— Winston L. Duke, "The New Biology"

"An ecologically responsible world does not require a global dictatorship. It is not at all incompatible with a free, rational society….Neither is the ecology movement an anti-capitalist movement."

— Brian G. Mason, "Ayn Rand vs. Ecology"

"James Scott of Fresno, Calif., has not paid federal or state income tax, Social Security tax, utility taxes, personal property taxes, or gasoline taxes for the last three years, as a protest against government spending and illegal taxation. Scott expects to be indicted."

— Trends, "Tax Protestors Reach New Highs"