Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Effing Signs

A recap of the weekend rally.


Were you too busy to attend the World Bank/International Monetary Fund/Free Palestine/End Global Hunger/Stop The War/End Racism rallies in Washington, D.C. this past weekend?

Don't worry. I attended for you. Below are actual, unedited words scribbled on signs held high by America's protesters. They reflect energetic, if cluttered, minds wrestling with our civilization's many faults and injustices.

The signs appear in alphabetical order. What they lack in a coherent, unifying message, they make up for in an abundance of blue language and themes–and occasional truths.

All Our Leaders Are Corporate Whores

Cannibis Smokers Are Not Criminals

Che Guevara

Corporate Scum, Here We Cum

Damn World Banks For Dams

Destroy The CIA

Drop Debt Not Bombs

Drop Sanctions Not Bombs

End Debt Slavery


Free Palestine/No War on Iraq

Fuck Off Bush

Fuck Off CIA

Fuck You Bush

Fuck You CIA

God Please Everyone

Greed Costs Lives

Hoyas for a Free Palestine

I.M.F. Cry Cry For Agentina

IMF: International Mother Fucker

I am a refugee from Jaffa & Demand Return

Imagine there's no Ashcroft, it's easy if you try

Imprison Bush

Jail For Bush

Just Say Fuck Safe Sex

Mr. Bush, What If You Are The Axis?

New INS Restrictions are Unjust

No More Bhopals

No To War!

Nothing For Workers But a Kick in Da Rear

One-Sided Diplomacy

Partners Not Profit

Sharon Defies Our President

Sharon = War Criminal

Socialist Part of North Carolina

Spank the Bank

Stop Aid to Israel

Stop Bush's Nuclear Terror

Stop The Rape

Support the Intifada

War Is Not Healthy 4 Children And Other Living Things

We Are All Paestinians

Why War?