30 Years Ago


"It was some time before I realized what was so sorely missing in Russian cities; but when I flew into Moscow at night, and in all that vast city the one thing most conspicuous from the air was the large red star in Red Square, it came home to me that there were no bright lights in Russia."

— John Hospers, "Impressions of Soviet Russia, 1971"

"In a surprisingly fast action last fall, Congress revived the military draft, which had been in limbo all summer, thanks to an anti-war filibuster."

— Trends, "Ending the Draft"

"Los Angeles, home of nude dancers and waitresses, may add another distinction to its list of American trend initiations….The Los Angeles City Council has recommended removing the city's ban on exposing the female breast in parks and on beaches."

— Trends, "Nudity Rears Its Head in LA (Again)"