"When parents are on the car phone talking to their kids explaining why they can't get home for dinner or can't do bedtime stories, that really has an impact on the quality of life."

—Vice President Al Gore, proposing a national traffic information phone line, March 9, 1999.

"The president tasted, but did not swallow."

—Anonymous reporter, having witnessed hemp beer being served on Air Force One in February.

"Clinton made trashing women the national pastime; every woman with a story to tell became a woman with a foul motive or a questionable mental state."

—Gwendolyn Mink, professor of politics at University of California at Santa Cruz, in Institute for Public Accuracy press release, February 11, 1999.

"We have said to sexual predators, `The law will follow you wherever you go,' and we are working to establish a national registry for sexual predators to make absolutely sure that that is exactly what happens."

—Bill Clinton, signing anti-sex-crime legislation, October 3, 1996.