For a World Wide Web "portal" site to all sorts of writings about the arts, philosophy, and other humanities, check out Arts & Letters Daily: An Updated Report of News and Reviews at The site includes links to publications ranging from Boston Review to Le Monde to Wilson Quarterly. It also features dozens of constantly changing links to articles and topics. A recent day's offering included links to pieces about the demise of Duke University's vaunted English Department, obituaries for the novelist Iris Murdoch, and a British review of Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley, by Peter Guralnick.

Those on the other side of the two-cultures split might want to check out a sister site, Scitech Daily (, which provides links to publications ranging from Air & Space to The Why Files and to science-oriented pieces appearing in a wide variety of places. Recent offerings ranged from articles on the Victorians' abiding interest in mesmerism to the supposed side effects of mercury-amalgam dental fillings to analyses of missile-defense plans.