"My fine friends who are perfectionists, each in their own world where they are petty dictators, could write a perfect bill. Those of us who have grown up and matured…understand that we have to work together on the big issues."

–Resigned revolutionary Newt Gingrich, on the $530 billion budget resolution that passed the House by a 333-to-95 vote

"It's without restraint, without shame….[It] finds the soul of the child in the adult. This is not pejorative."

–Former French Minister of Culture Jack Lang, on American culture, in the October 25 Washington Post

"'Don't ask, don't tell.' In a single policy Clinton summed up his entire legacy. He made it the law that lying should be a condition of public service. He imposed his own moral vacuity onto the lives of honorable gay and lesbian soldiers."

–Andrew Sullivan, in the October 27 Advocate

"Hillary is a tremendous patriot….She's handled the situation with dignity, and with the concept of the greatest good for the country. And I admire that. I think she really is the lady of First Lady."

–Actress Sharon Stone, in the November Elle