Publisher's Notes



The people who gave the world the widely acclaimed film The Incredible Bread Machine are at it again. Campus Studies Institute is about to begin production of a film about a space colony that serves the world market for energy and other essentials. The film's purpose: to illustrate the idea that a free market economy is neither unjust nor inhumane, but on the contrary, highly moral, fair and humane, when compared to a planned economy and bureaucratic controls in the marketplace. CSI intends the film to be positive—entertaining and informative and a bit outrageous, satirical, and whimsical.

Production was scheduled to be underway at press time, and to be completed by December. CSI is seeking contributions to cover production costs of $185,000. Tax-deductible contributions may be sent to Campus Studies Institute, 11722 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121.


This month's issue marks the last Money column to be written by Davis Keeler. After 4-1/2 years, Dave's interest in the column has begun to give way to his extensive commitments on the Law and Liberty project, which he directs for the Institute for Humane Studies. We expect Dave will keep us posted on the accomplishments of that project, and look forward to occasional submissions from him on legal and economic topics.

Taking over the bimonthly column, beginning with the December issue, will be Mark Tier, editor of the World Money Analyst newsletter. Mr. Tier, originally from Australia, is a world traveler who now makes his home in Hong Kong. He is in the process of setting up the World Libertarian Society, an international organization for worldwide exchange of information on achieving freedom.