Publisher's Notes



Looking for like minded people on campus? In coming months, the Young Libertarian Alliance—the highly effective student arm of the Libertarian Party—will be conducting a publicity blitz at colleges around the country. You can play a part in raising the consciousness of non-libertarians at your college or university and discovering kindred spirits, by helping to distribute YLA materials. The Washington headquarters of the organization has raised the funds necessary to print one million tabloids introducing libertarianism as a vibrant, fresh alternative to liberalism and conservatism. Should you have a spare afternoon or two to help spread the word, the YLA would like to hear from you. Contact Bob Meier, YLA, 1516 P Street NW, Washington, DC 20005, or call (202) 232-2003.


One of the most serious obstacles facing libertarians is the lack of free-market oriented individuals in the media. Thanks to a contribution from the Second Libertarian Church of San Francisco, REASON is proud to announce the opening of a journalism internship for Naomi Geschwind. Geschwind, an undergraduate at Vassar and an activist in the Young Libertarian Alliance, is spending the summer at the REASON offices in Santa Barbara, gaining experience in editing and writing for the magazine. We hope that her contributions this summer inaugurate a prolific career in journalism.

REASON receives from time to time letters from promising young people interested in coming to Santa Barbara to gain journalistic skills. In return for minimal living expenses—as little as $80 a week—these individuals are able to provide welcome assistance in the production of the magazine, while improving their career prospects in the communications field. REASON invites inquiries from anyone who would consider making more of our internships available.


The Local Government Center, organized by REASON editors Robert Poole and Mark Frazier, continues to report progress. President Robert Poole's monthly Fiscal Watchdog newspaper column now appears in 142 newspapers across the country. Executive Director Mark Frazier has been commissioned by Reader's Digest to write an article on tax-saving innovations in local government. LGC has recently received seed money to prepare a detailed information kit for newly incorporating cities, outlining ways of privatizing public services and utilizing other methods to keep taxes low. The Center has received its first consulting contract, to make an efficiency study of a county sheriffs department, and is receiving inquiries from cities and counties across the nation. Consultants with experience in local public services are still needed; if interested and qualified, send your resume to Local Government Center, 221 West Carrillo St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101.


REASON readers who have previously served or are presently serving in state or Federal legislative bodies should be aware of a new project. Robert Bakhaus, legislative aide to Louisiana state representative Woody Jenkins, is organizing an informal association of such persons and their aides, to exchange information and coordinate joint efforts, in an attempt to maximize libertarian influence in legislative circles. Interested persons should contact Bakhaus at P.O. Box 52889, Baton Rouge, LA 70805 or phone (504) 357-4515.


For several years REASON has had a practice of renting our subscriber list to selected organizations and companies. We do this mainly to obtain a source of revenue that helps keep REASON subscription rates down, and also to help our readers receive information on events, organizations, products and services we think may be of interest. We carefully review the advertising copy of each mailer before approving the list rental, and we turn down groups whose material seems to us to be antifreedom or otherwise offensive. We would like to remind readers that it is our policy to provide subscribers with the option of having their names kept off lists we rent to others. If you wish to restrict the use of your name in the future, please write us, requesting deletion of your name from our rental list, and enclosing your mailing label.