Book Hints


Conservatives are at it again: Walter Berns makes his case against full protection of free speech and expression in THE FIRST AMENDMENT AND THE FUTURE OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY (Basic Books, 1976, $11.95). The same house published Daniel Bell's interesting but lopsided THE CULTURAL CONTRADICTIONS OF CAPITALISM (1976, $12.95). News reporters Morton Mintz and Jerry Cohen have followed up their America, Inc. with a pseudo-scholarly tome, POWER, INC. (Viking, 1976, $15.00), attacking corporations. It's a case of pleading one's own while disregarding any other point of view. Gordon Tullock applies his model of economic analysis to democratic politics in THE VOTE MOTIVE (Institute of Economic Affairs, 1976, U.S. distribution by Transatlantic Arts, $4.95). Joseph Boyle et al. produce a neat defense of free will in FREE CHOICE: a SELF-REFERENTIAL ARGUMENT (University of Notre Dame Press, 1976, $15.95). iVIVA VIVAS! (Liberty Press, 1976, $7.95) pays homage to one of the best conservative thinkers still hard at work. John Kekes writes an intriguing work, A JUSTIFICATION OF RATIONALITY (SUNY Press, 1976, $20.00), something REASON readers might be interested in. And Machan's THE LIBERTARIAN ALTERNATIVE (Nelson-Hall, 1974) will be coming out in paperback, same house. And, good news: F.A. Hayek's second volume of LAW, LEGISLATION AND LIBERTY (Chicago, 1976, $10.00) is out—with some surprises! Finally, you must look at and eventually read David L. Norton's PERSONAL DESTINIES, A PHILOSOPHY OF ETHICAL INDIVIDUALISM (Princeton University Press, 1976, $4.95).